rowan belle (rowan_belle) wrote in funny_girls,
rowan belle

Can someone help?

When I was really young my Mom had an audio cassette of Barbra Streisand that she played in the car all the time. I've been trying to find it (or the name of it at least) for a really long time.

All I remember is one part when she was talking to the audience - she said something along the lines of - Do you want me to sing Secondhand Rose or Stoney End? She got a bigger applause/cheer for Stoney End, and when the music started playing she joked with the audience that the words were written on the floor so she wouldn't forget them. Does anyone know what performance this was? I want to download this version of Stoney End but I have no idea where to find it.

If anyone can help - I'd appreciate it so much!
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